$10 gets you an excellent face mask and benefits our charities!

Trop Rockin Parrots




Pirate Party
Sold Out!!!




Smooth Sailing




Parrot Party with a Purpose




Pink Flamingos in the Back Yard
Sold Out!!!

One of our members has made these masks for our club to sell.  They are hand washable, have two cotton layers and an inner fine filtering layer and the color strip over the nose will shape to you. Thank you, Ruth Walden.

If you want one or more, you can pay online through PayPal. (you don’t need to belong to PayPal to use). All you need is a credit card. You may also pay using Venmo if you are on a mobile device and have the Venmo App.

You can sign up for Venmo and get the Venmo App. This costs you nothing (as long as your Venmo App uses your bank account or Debit card) and the club nothing. It will become our preferred way to pay in the future so check it out.

Masks can be mailed or delivered locally, your choice.

You can also email for more info.

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