Club Member Bands Music Schedule

Paul Grimshaw
4-3Dead Dog Saloon (Band)7 to 10:30
4-4Green Turtle Fernandina Fla6:30 to 10
4-5Amielia Isl River Cruise Fla6:30 to 8:30
4-6Sliders Fernandina Fla1 to 5
4-7The Palace Fenandina Fla6 to 10
4-10Liberty Tap Room (Solo)6 to 9
4-11Nights at Nance MB (Band)6 to 8
4-12Barefoot Stage(Band)5 to 8
4-13Dead Dog Saloon (Band)8 to 11:30
4-15Pizza Hyena Surfside (Solo)5 to 8
4-16Flip FLops (Solo)6:30 to 10
4-17Dead Dog Saloon (Band)7 – 10:30
4-18Pine Lakes Tavern (Solo)8 to 12
4-19Buckets (Solo)6:30 to 9:30
4-20La Belle Amie(Band)12 to4:30
4-21Bubba’s Love Shak (Solo)4 to 7:30
4-22Boardwalk Billy’s (Solo)6 to 9
4-23Hangout (Band)6 to 10
4-25Neal and Pam’s (Solo)4 to 8
4-26Hot Fish Club (Band)9 to 1
4-27Hard Rock Cafe (Band)6 to 9
4-28Capt. Archies (Band)3 to 7
4-29So. End Bistro (Solo)6 to 9:30
4-30Chimichanga Llama (Solo)6 to 9
4-4Flynn’s Irish Tavern NMB6 to 9
4-5Patio’s Tiki Bar4:30 to 8:30
​4-6Marina Bar & Grille6 to 9
4-18Flynn’s Irish NMB6 to 9
4-19Patio’s Tiki Bar4:30 to 8:30
4-20Mulligan’s7 to 11
4-25Flynn’s Irish Tavern NMB6 to 9
4-26Surfside Moose Lodge6 to 9
4-27Mulligan’s7 to 11
Lew Holton
4-5Surfside Charlies, Surfside5 to 8
4-7Walter’s4 to 7
4-14Walter’s4 to 7
4-16Sundown4 to 8
4-21Walter’s4 to 7
4-26Surfside Charlies5 to 8
James Hood
4-6Doyle’s Pub and Grub6 to 9
4-7Buoys on the Boulevard 6 to 9
4-9Sundown4 to 8
4-11Surfside Charlie’s4 to 7
4-12Champs Bar and Grill8 to 11
4-19O’Keefe’s Irish Pub6 to 9
4-20Southside Patty’s6 to 9
4-26Flynn’s Irish Tavern NMB6 to 9
4-27Salty’s Pub and Grub7:30 to 10:30
Bil Krauss
4-1Inlet Beer Garden4 to 7
4-2Dead Dog Saloon7 to 10
4-4Inlet Beer Garden4 to 7
4-7Buzz’s Roost2 to 6
4-18Inlet Beer Garden4 to 7
4-19Brickhouse Pub (Wedgefield Country Club – Open to Public)5:30 to 8:30
4-21Buzz’s Roost2 to 6
4-22Inlet Beer Garden 4 to 7
4-23Dead Dog Saloon7 to 10
4-24The Hammock Shops, Pawleys Island5 to 8
4-25Inlet Beer Garden4 to 7
4-27Bridge-2-Bridge Run(Historic Georgetown)8:30am
4-28Buzz’s Roost2 to 6
Laidback Larry
4-19Neal & Pam’s4:30 to 8
4-26Neal’s Creekhouse4 to 7
No Local Dates
Chris Sacks Band
4-26RipTidz7 to 11
4-27Captain Archies6:30 to 10:30
4-28Ocean Annie’s1 to 4
Ed Torres – Stringwood
4-5Neal’s Creekhouse (Duo)4 to 8
Bernie Williams, Social Director(